Redefining How We Reverse Ageing

Correcting skin health by rebuilding your collagen.

No Botox, No filler. Have your treatment comfortably and confidently in the comfort of a private studio – free of the judgement, sales, pressures of social and group settings.

Angie Hernandez

I choose every treatment with one thing in mind: Long term-results.

I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve their optimal skin, by correcting, educating and helping them maintain it.

 I am dedicated to discovering what’s missing in your skin care routine and what’s holding you back from your goal of glowing, healthy skin.

Everyone comes to me with their own unique goal in mind, I am dedicated to helping reach them.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than building lasting relationships with my clients.

This means I am on the journey with you while we achieve your skin and health goals. 

Off Grid Skin

We're on this skin journey together

Your skin is as unique as you are

That means it needs a personalized system that correctly addresses your concerns with the right products and techniques to bring out the healthiest skin possible. Many people in today's society look for short cuts to reverse blemishes and visible signs of aging. While those short cuts may help soften wrinkles and decrease symptoms temporarily, it is unnatural, unsustainable and neglects the underlying cause. My approach involves - Discovering the root cause of your concerns, prevention, correction, protection and maintenance. I use medically proven methods to enhance your skin's natural health, which produces sustainable, optimal results. All products are hand curated and extensively tested for effectivness. I know from firsthand experience, that they truly work. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend them! It’s essential that everything I recommend outshines mainstream products to provide amazing results. You will experience the most skin-nourishing products that get you to your skin goals, whatever they may be. 


I am driven to go above and beyond, providing a completely personalized experience that’s more than just a facial.  Your treatments will heal and rehabilitate your skin, resulting in cleaner, healthier, and younger looking skin. I strive to embody an approach to skin care that focusses on bespoke treatments that combine data about your own hormone levels, diet, and lifestyle with quality products that are scientifically proven to work. As both a Clinical Aesthetician and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I treat “beyond the surface”, leading to long-lasting results. My alternative approach supports and nurtures the longevity of your skin health… naturally. 


My treatment philosophy is all about your unique physiology. I tailor specialized treatment plans to optimize your skin health, in order to keep you looking your best. My focus is on rehabilitating the skin to restore a healthier, more youthful appearance.  I won’t waste your time or hard-earned money on products or treatments that won’t meet your skins’ needs. I won’t lock you into “mirage” therapies that seem to solve your issues, only to see them return with a vengeance as soon as you stop treatment. I promise to educate you on what is possible, allowing for realistic expectations instead of the beauty and health industry’s idealistic marketing. I will prioritize transparency and honesty above all else.

The Process

1. skin consultation

No matter what brings you in, I always begin our consultation process by sharing my education with you on skin and treatment solutions that will address your concerns. I take your budget and timeline into consideration and build a personalized treatment plan. There is no one size fits all, everyone comes to me with their individual needs which allows all my clients to leave with an individualized program.

The first step of my approach is education. I use progressive tools to evaluate the health of your skin and target the root cause. 

2. Personalized Treatment

A tailored holistic treatment plan considers every aspect of your unique needs including your goals, the life you live, how much social downtime you can afford, a comfortable and realistic budget, compliance and long-term sustainability. Understanding these aspects will inevitably make you happier and better meet your expectations. Your daily skincare will help prevent and correct the effects of aging and sun damage, it will protect your skin from subsequent damage.

3. Maintenance

Quick fixes rarely last, so knowing how to balance your goals with your treatment options, lifestyle and budget will yield more satisfying and sustainable outcomes. I continuously evaluate and enhance your skin each month to ensure the care you are receiving is ideally suited to your evolving skin needs. Best of all, you are constantly supported by me. 


Over time, regardless of lifestyle, skin begins to change, and signs of aging will appear. Fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and loss of elasticity become more visible. 

These signs can be the result of collagen breakdown, slower turnover, and loss of moisture. Damage is intensified by sun exposure, environmental elements including air pollution and smoking. A comprehensive corrective skincare program is critical to help improve accumulated damage and to help slow down the skin aging process. Being proactive with your skin health journey will reduce overall costs and permanent skin damage. My corrective products combine reparative, brightening, and exfoliating ingredients to help restore a healthier skin barrier and more youthful appearance.

Does this sound like what you are looking for? It all starts with a simple consultation. Book yours today!

kind words From Clients

I’ve been coming to Angie for a couple of years now and I must say I can’t let anyone else treat my skin other than her. She is the only one I trust to perform treatments on my face. Not only is she very skilled and knowledgeable at what she does, she also genuinely cares about her clients. She only uses top of the line products that’s why I only trust her. Recently I started getting micro needling treatments from her and I had incredible results right away. I’ve never been so happy with my skin! She is great at customizing treatments to what the clients need as well as their budget! She is just overall amazing. I highly recommend Skin Parlour to those seeking outstanding skin treatments!
Chie C
I made an appointment with Angie after I’d been having lots of trouble with really dry, dull skin. From the initial phone call Angie made me feel comfortable and that I was in safe hands. This was my first facial and so I was unsure of what to expect, and Angie took the time to talk through everything and personalized the experience to be suitable to me. Angie was flexible with my budget and helped me work out what was best for the long-term health of my skin. I noticed a massive improvement in the days following the facial and continue to see results thanks to the daily skin care routine recommended by Angie. If I ever get another skin treatment, I will definitely see Angie!
Nellie Hodda
Angie has transformed my skin. I relocated from Australia and neglected my skin due to the cost of living. I found Angie through recommendation of another client with great skin and after an initial consultation I knew she was the perfect fit. Angie asked all the right questions regarding my hormonal status, lifestyle and routine habits. She explained what happens on the outside is dictated by various factors and to get my skin to where it is now it will take time and routine. With months of ongoing maintenance, skincare and attention to health contributors, my skin is back! Minimal breakouts, tighter pores and and an overall smoother texture. Her treatments are tailored and she takes her time on my face neck and chest. Thank you Angie for making it affordable, I feel like myself again and my confidence is back, I barely wear makeup now!
Kassandra Mouzis Brudenell

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