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Your Personalized Skincare Journey Begins Here. Crafting treatments just for you, addressing your unique needs. Your health and skin are my top priorities, dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being. Experience the balance of holistic care and medical aesthetics, tailored for those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle

Angie Hernandez

As a clinical aesthetician and holistic nutritionist, I place your health as a priority. My aim is to empower you by sharing my knowledge and educating you about your skin’s unique needs, leading to vibrant, healthy skin. By addressing root causes and implementing lifestyle adjustments, I ensure you make the most of your time and live your best life.

Within my practice, I value building true connections with my clients. This allows me to better understand your goals and tailor a program that suits you best. Guiding you through each step of your journey ensures your success, and witnessing the changes brings me joy!

Together, we journey towards long-term results, where health forms the solid foundation upon which your inner beauty radiates.

We're on this skin journey together


It is common for people to look for shortcuts to improve their skin and reduce signs of aging. These quick fixes are usually temporary solutions, unnatural, invasive, unsustainable, expensive, and most importantly, they neglect the root cause of your skins issues. When you choose my services, I will build a plan based on your specific concerns for prevention, correction and maintenance. The plan will utilize products and techniques to bring out the healthiest skin possible. I use medically researched and proven methods to enhance your skin's natural health. All the products I use are hand-curated and tested for effectiveness. I know from seventeen years of experience that these methods work!


This is not just a facial. I go above and beyond by providing you with a personalized and lasting experience. My treatments are healing and rehabilitating, resulting in cleaner, healthier, and younger-looking skin. I focus on bespoke treatments that combine data about your hormone levels, diet, and lifestyle with quality products. I treat “beyond the surface,” leading to long-lasting results. My approach naturally supports and nurtures the longevity of your skin.


Your skin requires a specialized treatment plan to optimize, rehabilitate, and restore your skin’s health. I won’t waste your time or money on products or treatments that won’t meet your needs. I refuse to lock my clients into “mirage” therapies that only solve issues temporarily and return with a vengeance as soon as treatments stop. I promise to honestly educate you on what is possible, allowing for realistic expectations. I will also provide you with continued support and monthly check-ins.

The Process

1. skin consultation

My approach begins with education. I’ll share my expertise on skin health and treatment solutions tailored to your concerns, all while respecting your time and budget.

2. Personalized Treatment

A customized holistic treatment plan takes into account all aspects of your individual needs: your goals, lifestyle, budget, and level of dedication. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Your personalized skincare routine is meticulously crafted to target and address your specific goals, including combating the effects of aging, scarring, acne, and sun damage.

3. Maintenance

Quick fixes may provide temporary relief, but a personalized skincare regimen ensures lasting results. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, regularly evaluating your skin’s progress to adapt your plan as needed. Communication and a strong relationship are key in helping me understand your evolving skincare needs. Whether we connect monthly or even annually, having worked on your skin gives me invaluable insight to better serve you.


Regardless of your lifestyle, changes in your skin are inevitable as you age. Fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, hormonal imbalances, acne, and loss of elasticity become more apparent due to factors like collagen breakdown, slower cell turnover, and moisture loss. Additionally, sun exposure, air pollution, stress, and smoking can exacerbate these issues.

A personalized skincare regimen is essential for addressing and reversing these signs of aging. By combining reparative, brightening, and exfoliating ingredients, we can restore your skin’s health and achieve a more youthful appearance. And this is just the beginning – imagine the holistic wellness practices we can incorporate for long-lasting results.

Change may be challenging, but with commitment, you can achieve transformations beyond your imagination 🙂

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kind words From Clients

I’ve been coming to Angie for a couple of years now and I must say I can’t let anyone else treat my skin other than her. She is the only one I trust to perform treatments on my face. Not only is she very skilled and knowledgeable at what she does, she also genuinely cares about her clients. She only uses top of the line products that’s why I only trust her. Recently I started getting micro needling treatments from her and I had incredible results right away. I’ve never been so happy with my skin! She is great at customizing treatments to what the clients need as well as their budget! She is just overall amazing. I highly recommend Skin Parlour to those seeking outstanding skin treatments!
Chie C
I made an appointment with Angie after I’d been having lots of trouble with really dry, dull skin. From the initial phone call Angie made me feel comfortable and that I was in safe hands. This was my first facial and so I was unsure of what to expect, and Angie took the time to talk through everything and personalized the experience to be suitable to me. Angie was flexible with my budget and helped me work out what was best for the long-term health of my skin. I noticed a massive improvement in the days following the facial and continue to see results thanks to the daily skin care routine recommended by Angie. If I ever get another skin treatment, I will definitely see Angie!
Nellie Hodda
Angie has transformed my skin. I relocated from Australia and neglected my skin due to the cost of living. I found Angie through recommendation of another client with great skin and after an initial consultation I knew she was the perfect fit. Angie asked all the right questions regarding my hormonal status, lifestyle and routine habits. She explained what happens on the outside is dictated by various factors and to get my skin to where it is now it will take time and routine. With months of ongoing maintenance, skincare and attention to health contributors, my skin is back! Minimal breakouts, tighter pores and and an overall smoother texture. Her treatments are tailored and she takes her time on my face neck and chest. Thank you Angie for making it affordable, I feel like myself again and my confidence is back, I barely wear makeup now!
Kassandra Mouzis Brudenell
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